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Seek sensible foxhunter

Date Added: 5/31/2021
Posted By: Robin Eastham
North Garden,   VA  
Phone: 4342957442

Looking for fox hunter for 5'4" 106lb 74 yo lady. Was once bold, showed in the big classes, started my own and hunted anything but, hey, I'm 74! Needs to be able to trot down to a decent sized jump, snap its knees always and be calm and peaceful without pharmacological help. No buck, rear, bolt etc; did I mention the osteoporosis?! Not looking for theatrics. I also ride out alone around the farm. Large pony would do: 16 hh absolute tops. Cannot pull on the old shoulders. Pleasant to live with. Will have a most enjoyable life! Please call 434/295-7442 or 434/531-1836