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Connemara Stallion

Date Added: 4/20/2021
Posted By: Virginia Booth
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Montpelier,   VA  
Phone: 804.514.0595

Ned will be available for a few select mares, before he goes off to his new home in the fall. This will be one of the last chances for live cover. Always improves the temperament on any mare (due to two curiosity genes) and fully color tested, 50/50 chance Buckskin vs Bay on Bay, Black, and Chestnut Mares. His foals are always very popular and marketable! This year we sold them in the 5-9,500 range in utero or just on the ground. And only have one left out of 11.

Great stallion for purebred draft mares, thoroughbreds, and warmbloods!

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